Network and Wi-Fi Access Problems

Network and Wi-Fi Problems, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

If you run a small business or have a large house – sometimes a wireless network just won’t cut it. By the time all devices have been connected, speed can be a real issue. Connecting all your devices via LAN is the preferred option to maintain and guarantee speed throughout your network.

“Great” you think, beautiful and fast gigabit speed throughout…. or so you thought. What’s that you say? Your router only has 4 LAN ports? What? Now what do I do? Well the quickest and cheapest option is to add a network switch to your setup.

A network switch will take a connection from a single LAN port on your router and then provide a connection to the number of ports your switch has. So, if you have purchased a network switch with 8 ports, we take a single port from your router to the switch and then you can connect another 7 devices from the 7 remaining ports on your switch!

It’s easy – this is how: ??

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